With only 0,5 square kilometres the district of the central railway station is the second smallest urban district in Frankfurt following the old part of the town. This district was arranged for after the opening of the railway station in 1888, its character being residential but also providing space for business. One could find elegant hotels here, in the Schumann-Theater the audience was enthusiastic about Otto Reuter, Claire Waldoff and Josephine Baker. Fur trade found its place here after World War II, as well as the red-light district. Decades later this district lost a lot of its charme, but most recently it was included in two programmes to make it more attractive again. This does not only involve renovating the facades and the creation of living space. Artists opened their studios here and in Müncher Straße you can find a museum. Discover during a walking tour the various different aspects of this multicultural district which is undergoing a change. walking tour duration: approx. 1,5 hours
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