Frankfurt = Bankfurt, bull  and bear ... there are only  few places in Europe that illustrate in such a manner that money makes the world go round. Very early Frankfurt became a business centre:  Frankfurt was the cross  section of international trade routes, where  merchants from all over the world met. They did not only sell their products but also changed foreign currencies. That´s why Frankfurt has  already  in earliest times been an international financial  centre. Nowadays about 7 % of the gross domestic product is being achieved in the Rhein Main area which covers only 3 % of  the entire territory of the Federal  Republic of Germany. Frankfurt is home to the  German Federal Reserve and the stock exchange here is the leading one of the 7 stock exchanges in Germany. Of course the tour also passes by the Eurotower, the European Central Bank. bus tour duration: approx. 2 hours walking tour also possible
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