The ancient city centre has always been attractive to a lot of visitors and every now and then used to be compared to "Petit France" in Strasbourg. The townhall called "Römer"   with  its stepped gables, old church of  St. Nicholas and the reconstructed row of half- timbered houses, the socalled eastern row of houses (Ostzeile) contribute to what is called in Frankfurt the  "Gut  Stubb",  a word in the local dialect referring to this charming place which is well liked and frequented by visitors as well as the citizens. During the time of the Holy Roman Empire of the German Nation Frankfurt was the place where emperors were elected and crowned. So the old part of the city is an important site in European history. Also the origins of the trade fairs and the money business are to be found here. Apart from that an important part of Germany´s history is linked to St. Paul´s Church, where the national assembly started its sessions in 1848. The old part of Frankfurt is going to change in the near future. The technical townhall is being torn down, and several buildings that were destroyed during World War II will be rebuilt historically. Also the "coronation way", i. e. the way the emperor and his entourage walked along after the ceremony in the cathedral to the townhall to enjoy a festive banquet, will be made more visible. walking tour duration: approx. 2 hours
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