The birthplace of J.W. Goethe is located in the street called   "Großer Hirschgraben". It was here that he was born on August 28th, 1749.  He spent his childhood and part of his youth in  Frankfurt until he went to Weimar where he   spent the longest period of  his lifetime until his death. His birthplace has passed through many hands until it was purchased by Otto Volger, the founder of the  Free German Foundation. Then   the house was finally made open to the public. Following destruction in World War II it was reconstructed and illustrates in an impressive way how  well-to-do  people lived in the 18th century. The   Goethe-House definately is a "must" for all who have read "Poetry and Truth", J. W. Goethe´s autobiography, because here scenes come to live! duration: approx. 1 hour
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